Things To See And Do In Paris With Teenagers

Things To See And Do In Paris With Teenagers

Paris is a perfect city to travel with teenagers, there are so many things to see and do for people of any age, that it is impossible to get bored or run out of plans.

This is a list of ideas for things to do in Paris with teenagers, from essential and fun plans to activities according to taste. You will also find recommendations for places to eat.


1.- Enjoy the panoramic views of Paris

Eiffel Tower: The place from which you can see the city from 300 meters high. We recommend that you buy the ticket in advance, to avoid the long queues that form.

Montparnasse Tower: It is sold as the site with the best views of Paris and offers a 360º view from a height of 200 meters.

Pompidou Center: In addition to housing one of the largest collections of modern art in the world, it offers great views from its “Vue de Paris” viewpoint.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart: Located in the Montmartre neighborhood, at the top of the city, it offers views of the entire city.

Notre Dame Cathedral: It is one of the best viewpoints in Paris, although to enjoy the views of the city and the Seine River, you must climb 422 steps to the top of the south tower.

Things To See And Do In Paris With Teenagers

2.- Visit the museums of Paris

The city is full of museums. We at Julius Homes are providing you a list of those you must visit and that can be interesting for teenagers and adults:

The Louvre Museum: It is the most important museum in France and one of the most visited in the world.

Pompidou Centre: It is one of the museums with the largest collection of modern art in the world.

Orsay Museum: It is dedicated to 19th-century art.

Rodin Museum: The place which exhibits a large part of the artist’s works.

Palais de Tokyo: This is an artistic creation center dedicated to modern and contemporary art.

3.- Stroll through the neighborhoods of Paris

Montmartre: Also called the painters’ quarter, is the most bohemian in the city. Reserve your Free Tour of the Montmartre neighborhood.

Latin Quarter: It is the liveliest neighborhood in the city and the one with the greatest nightlife. Its name comes from Sorbonne University, which originally was the only one that taught Latin. There you can visit the Musée National du Moyen-age, the Pantheon, the Arab Institute, the Sorbonne, the Luxembourg Gardens, and one of the oldest bookstores in the city: Shakespeare and Company, famous because it was visited by writers like Hemingway and James Joyce, and popularised in cinema with the Linklater trilogy and Midnight in Paris.

Le Marais: It is the most cosmopolitan neighborhood in Paris.

Saint Germain: A neighborhood full of houses and neighborhoods of the most picturesque. It is named after the oldest church in France: Saint Germain.

Montparnasse: A neighborhood full of historic buildings. It is the oldest observatory in Europe.

4.- Take a cruise on the Seine

One of the main tourist activities is to take a boat trip on the Seine River. There are several types and can be done both day and night.

We recommend this one-hour boat ride.

5.- Visit a Parisian flea market

In Paris, there are numerous markets and flea markets, both outdoors and sheltered. There you can find food, clothing, crafts, and antiques. The most interesting are:

  • Marché Aux Puces (Flea Market): It is the best known and there you can find antiques and clothes.
  • Marché Bastille (Bastille Market): It is the best food market in Paris.
  • Marché Saxe-Breteuil: It is located under the Eiffel Tower and is held on Thursday and Saturday mornings.
  • Marche Les Enfants Rouge: This is a market with food stalls.

6.- Visit the catacombs of Paris

One of the most well-known cemeteries in Paris is the Catacombs of Paris. It is a network of tunnels that were a common cemetery in the 18th century. Visitors only have access to a part of the catacombs, which must be visited with a guide.

Things To See And Do In Paris With Teenagers

7.- Visit the parks and green areas of the city

  • Parc de la Villette: one of the largest parks in the city that, in addition to green areas, offers activities ranging from science to music to the cinema.
  • Bois de Vincennes: it is the largest green space in Paris. It has several trails for walking or cycling, a lake, and even a temple.
  • Parc des Buttes-Chaumont: the Parisian public park with the most variety of plant species.
  • The Auteuil Greenhouses garden: A complex of greenhouses, a botanical garden, and an arboretum located in the Bois de Boulogne.

8.- Visit the cemeteries of Paris

Although it sounds grim, the cemeteries of Paris are a must. The most famous are:

  • Père-Lachaise: It is the most visited cemetery and it is an immense garden and open-air museum where personalities such as Balzac, Óscar Wilde, Maria Callas, Chopin, and Jim Morrison rest.
  • Montmartre: Another museum, where you can find the tombs of the painter Degas, the novelist Alexandre Dumas, and the silent film actress Musidora, among others.
  • Montparnasse: It is a 19th-century cemetery where intellectuals and artists such as Óscar Dominguez, Baudelaire, Samuel Beckett, Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Marguerite Duras or Julio Cortazar, among others, rest.

Other Plans For Hobbies

For teens who love horror

  • The mansion El Manoir de Paris: It is a 45-minute show in a haunted house located in the heart of the city.

For teens who are passionate about virtual reality

  • Flyview: It is a leisure center that offers virtual reality experiences over Paris.

For teen artists

  • Le Viaduc des Arts: It is a place where designers and creators meet to show their artistic works.

More Fun Plans

  • Helicopter ride
  • Segway ride

Where To Eat In Paris With Teenagers?

  • Bustronome: A restaurant in a glass-roofed tour bus
  • Bel canto: A place where the waiters break into song
  • The Kube: A restaurant in an igloo.
  • Marché Les Enfants Rouge: A market with food stalls
  • In bocca al lupo:  The best pizzas in Paris
  • Dans le noir: A dimly lit dining setting

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